Just because someone desires you, it does not mean that they value you.

Read it over.


Let those words resonate in your mind.
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i think you’re suffering from a lack of vitamin me

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dear people who know about cars:

I’m thinking about getting a new car soon, and I need to know what type of car i should look into or what i shouldn’t consider, what features i should look for, etc etc etc. 

please help I’m hopeless when it comes to car stuff and i want one that is good for colorado and possibly for a future family 


Your Ex-Lover is Dead — Stars

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i’ve figured out that horror games with grotesque monsters and spooky environments are -0009 scary if you pretend you’re steve irwin on a mission to document the monster(s)

"Lookie there. That’s a six-foot grunt from the basement. A’hm gonna wrassle it."

brb gonna try this with Alien Isolation

tombraidercroft i want to try this!

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it’s not your job to entertain him by sending him nudes

it’s not your job to satisfy him sexually because he’s horny

you are not required to do anything that makes you feel uncomfortable or that you don’t want to do

don’t be scared of “losing him”

he most likely wasn’t anything worth keeping

Girls need to be taught this from such an early age.

a boner is not a medical condition. you are under no obligation to do anything.

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Mullers Photo

bon. (by barbasia.)

Tongue rulez  by Karolina Balogová

Watching Chicken Run and very happy